Basic and Advanded Controls in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

This article is a comprehensive guide to game controls in the much-anticipated release, Legend of Zelda: The Kingdom’s Tears. Here, we’ll delve into the foundational and advanced controls, covering movement and exploration options including walking, gliding, climbing, swimming, riding, and critical combat controls.

It’s important to keep in mind that these controls can be customized, allowing players to alter the default layout should they find it challenging. Although not every action can be reassigned, making these changes is straightforward. Simply press the + Button to open the menu, then select “Options” from the “System” Menu.

Controls in Zelda: The Kingdom’s Tears: Navigating and Interacting With Your Environment

The controls in Zelda: The Kingdom’s Tears direct the player’s movements, menu interactions, combat techniques, and engagement with the game world. Unlike its predecessor, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, where remapping of controls was not possible (excluding the ability to disable motion-controlled aiming), Zelda: The Kingdom’s Tears is speculated to retain this feature. The subsequent section presents a detailed overview of controls for Nintendo Switch.

Ability Controls in Zelda: The Kingdom’s Tears

  • Charged Attacks: Gear up and deliver a devastating blow.
  • Backflip: Skillfully avoid enemy attacks by performing a backflip.
  • Side Hop: Evade enemy blows by hopping sideways.
  • Perfect Guard: Execute a timely parry to repel your enemy.
  • Shield Surf: Embark on an adrenaline-fueled slide down hills on your shield.
  • The Scope and Pins: Scout distant objects and locations, marking them with pins for future reference.

Essential and Advanced Maneuvering Controls

Here is a quick rundown of the controls to help navigate and interact within the game.

Action Button
Movement, Selection Left Stick
Camera Movement, Switch Porch Page, Weapon/Shield Selection, Telescope Movement, Rotate Pouch Screen Right Stick
Actions (speaking, item collection, examination), Confirmation A Button
Dash, Cancel, Speed Text B Button
Jump X Button
Attack, Reorder Pouch Screen Y Button
Weapon Throwing R Button
Bow Deployment ZR Button
Seeker Item Usage L Button
Focus (lock-on), Shield Holding ZL Button
Seeker Item Selection ▲ directional Button
Whistle ▼ directional Button
Weapon (Bow) Switch ▶ directional Button
Weapon (Arrow) Switch ◀ directional Button
Open Porch + Button
Open Map – Button

Mastering Combat in Zelda: The Kingdom’s Tears: Battle Controls Explained

Immersing yourself fully in the gameplay of Zelda: The Kingdom’s Tears means understanding and mastering the battle controls. They are the essence of your gameplay experience, providing various ways to attack and defend against foes. Here is a rundown of the battle control actions and their corresponding buttons:

Action Button
Normal Attack Y Button
Continuous Attack Y Button (press continuously)
Dash Attack Y Button (during dash)
Jump Attack Y Button (in midair)
Tame Attack Hold Y Button
Rotating Slash Rotate Left Stick, Press Y Button
Rush Attack Y Button (while dodging)
Throw Weapon Hold R Button
Arrow Shot Hold ZR Button
Hold Shield ZL Button
Perfect Guard ZL Button + A Button
Shield Surf ZL Button + A Button + X Button
Side Jump ZL Button + Left Stick (move horizontally) + X Button

Effortless Navigation: Mastering Mount Controls

Learning the controls for mounting in Zelda: The Kingdom’s Tears is pivotal for efficient in-game navigation. The following actions will aid in smooth and effective movement throughout the Kingdom:

Action Button
Change Direction Left Stick
Acceleration A Button
Deceleration Lower Left Stick
Jump Y Button
Parasail Hold ZR Button
Appease L Button
Mount Horse A Button
Unmount Horse B Button
Jump From Horse X Button

Slide through the Hills: Understanding Shield Surfing Controls

Shield surfing is a thrilling way to explore Zelda: The Kingdom’s Tears’ expansive environment. Here’s how to control your shield surfing:

Action Button
Change Direction Left Stick, Right Stick
Acceleration Upper Left Stick
Deceleration Lower Left Stick
Jump X Button
Parasail X Button (while in midair)
Spin Attack Y Button
Unleash a Bow ZR Button

Soaring through the Sky: Gliding Controls Deciphered

In Zelda: The Kingdom’s Tears, gliding provides you with a bird’s eye view of the Kingdom. Here are the controls:

Action Button
Use Parasail X Button
Halt Parasailing B Button
Arrow Shot Hold ZR Button

Ascend the Heights: Climb with Ease with these Climbing Controls

Climbing is a fundamental aspect of exploration in the game. Here’s how you can control your character:

Action Button
Jump X Button
Remove Hand B Button

Taking a Dive: Understanding Swimming Controls

Finally, to navigate through water bodies, you must master the swimming controls, as shown below:

Action Button
Acceleration Left Stick
Spin Attack Y Button (While Zora’s Helmet is equipped)

Remember, practice makes perfect. So, take time to familiarize yourself with these controls and you’ll soon be a master at navigating and battling in Zelda: The Kingdom’s Tears. Enjoy your adventure!


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