Bows and Arrows in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In the realm of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Bows and Arrows form an integral part of your combat toolkit. Primarily suited for long-distance warfare, these weapons are ideal for engaging enemies from a distance, allowing for strategic takedowns. With varying types of ammunition such as Fire Arrows at your disposal, Bows can also exhibit unique features such as the ability to fire multiple arrows simultaneously or even enhance your vision of the targeted enemy. An intriguing slow-motion effect gets activated when you aim your Bow mid-air, though this swiftly depletes your Stamina. This article explores the comprehensive range of Bows available in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Unlocking the Power of Fusion in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Before Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom graced the gaming world, the exciting new feature of fusing weapons was announced. This innovative mechanism enables players to not just combine Materials with Weapons to form enhanced weapons boasting superior stats and durability, but also to modify arrows for added effects. Insights into the process of fusing Materials with arrows and the resultant effects were demonstrated in a gameplay demo.

The Art of Fusing Materials with Arrows in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

To fuse Materials with your arrows, simply have your Bow and Arrow ready. The fusion option becomes available as soon as you take aim, unveiling a menu for you to select your desired Material to attach.

Potential Materials for Fusion with Arrows

Fusion Materials can be sourced from a variety of items listed under the Materials menu. These include, but are not limited to, Meats, Foraged Items, Monster Parts, and other Ingredients.

Impact of Material Fusion on Arrow Performance in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Early-release demo videos revealed the transformative effects of some superior Material choices on arrows. For instance, the fusion of Elemental Chuchu Jelly can inflict status effects associated with the Jelly on the target upon impact. For instance, an arrow fused with a White Chuchu Jelly assumes icy attributes, and shooting it causes the targeted creature to freeze momentarily. Similar outcomes can be achieved by fusing Fire or Shock counterparts, enabling the creation of makeshift Bomb, Fire, or Shock arrows.

In another instance, a Keese Eyeball provides the Arrow with homing abilities. Players are thus encouraged to explore and experiment with different Material combinations to unlock new effects.

Journey through the Pantheon of Bows in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Old Wooden Bow:

This archaic wooden hunting bow may lack power but boasts of historical significance.

Wooden Bow:

Though not ideal for monster combats, this bow is excellent for hunting small fauna.

Traveler’s Bow:

This small bow offers travelers a means of protection. While it doesn’t pack a powerful punch, it serves well for long-range attacks.

Soldier’s Bow:

Crafted for warfare, this bow deals more damage than a civilian bow but is vulnerable to fire.

Knight’s Bow:

With its sturdy metal build, this reliable bow, once the favorite of Hyrule Castle knights, boasts of superior durability.

Royal Bow:

Historically, this magnificent bow, with its powerful combat capabilities, was bestowed upon only the most skilled archers by the king of Hyrule.

Forest Dweller’s Bow:

Crafted by the Koroks for Hylians, this simple yet effective bow constructed from flexible wood and sturdy vines can shoot multiple arrows at once.

Zora Bow:

Preferred by the Zora for fishing, this bow, constructed from a special durable metal, may not deliver high firepower but excels in durability.

Falcon Bow:

Crafted by a master Rito craftsman, this high-performing Rito-made bow, celebrated for its swift rate of fire, aids Rito warriors in mastering aerial combat.

Great Eagle Bow:

The Rito Champion, Revali, once wielded this bow, renowned for its ability to unleash arrows at gale-like speeds, an attribute that crowned him the king of aerial combat.

Gerudo Bow:

Adorned with delicate ornamentations, this Gerudo-crafted bow excels in both hunting and warfare, enabling strikes on distant targets.

Phrenic Bow:

A legacy of the Sheikah tribe, this bow promises accuracy on distant enemies, as long as one focuses before drawing the string.

Royal Guard’s Bow:

This prototype Sheikah-crafted bow, armed with ancient technology, was designed to combat the Great Calamity. Despite its impressive rate of fire and firepower, its durability is wanting.

Dusk Bow:

This royal family heirloom, reputedly used by a princess in her twilight beast battles, delivers long-range arrows with assertive force.

Boko Bow:

This rudimentary Bokoblin bow, crafted from any tree branch and a string, offers limited combat effectiveness.

Spiked Boko Bow:

This is an enhanced Boko Bow, fortified with animal bone to improve durability and firepower. Despite its rough craftsmanship, it is light and user-friendly.

Dragonbone Boko Bow:

This Boko Bow, strengthened with fossils and composed of carefully chosen materials, offers substantial firepower.

Lizal Bow:

This Lizalfos-crafted wooden bow, enhanced with large fish bones, surpasses the efficacy of a standard wooden bow.

Strengthened Lizal Bow:

A Lizal Bow with a metal-reinforced grip and a flexible tree branch body, it wields formidable destructive power.

Steel Lizal Bow:

This durable bow, reinforced with metal, is used by expert Lizalfos marksmen. The metal reinforcement adds some weight but heightens durability.

Lynel Bow:

A rough metal bow made by Lynels, this weapon fires multiple arrows simultaneously, true to the fierce Lynel weaponry style, and is perfect for swift-moving targets.

Mighty Lynel Bow:

This large Lynel bow features a tough metal bowstring that proves challenging for mere Hylians to draw back.

Savage Lynel Bow:

Constructed from a unique steel sourced from Death Mountain’s peak, this Lynel bow possesses enormous stopping power and can effortlessly pierce through any armor.

Duplex Bow:

The proficient archers of the Yiga Clan favor this bow. It’s designed to release two arrows simultaneously to swiftly and effectively neutralize targets.

Construct Bow:

This fireproof bow, preferred by the Captain Construct, may be simple in construction but outperforms wooden bows when it comes to resistance to catching fire.

Strong Construct Bow:

An upgraded version of the Captain Construct’s bow, it is not only fireproof but also reinforced for powerful shots.

Mighty Construct Bow:

This Captain Construct’s bow, still fireproof, is a refined version of earlier models, boasting an extremely tense bowstring that demands great strength to draw.

Zonaite Bow:

A Zonai bow that utilizes power from your Energy Cell. The power drains, and arrows’ range is directly proportional to the shot’s charge duration.

Demon King’s Bow:

This magical bow, highly regarded by the Demon King, mirrors the strength of its user. The more hearts you possess, the more its attack power escalates.

Arrow: A standard arrow, its shaft carved from a robust tree’s wood.

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