Heart Containers in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

When it comes to the famed franchise, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Heart Containers are instrumental, serving as indispensable enhancements to Link’s health or Heart statistics. Paralleling their roles in Breath of the Wild, these vital power-ups are chiefly obtained from the revered Goddess Statues, in exchange for the Lights of Blessing—crucial items you’ll gather upon accomplishing each Shrine of Light. Each additional Heart Container bolsters Link’s endurance, enabling him to withstand more damage prior to meeting his demise. Intriguingly, both Heart Containers and Stamina Vessels share a similar collection approach, leaving the player the autonomy to decide on Link’s upgrades.

Understanding Heart Containers in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

Procuring Heart Containers in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Heart Containers are intricately connected to the Goddess Statues, relics that pepper the major settlements and sundry locations within Hyrule. The principal role of these sacred statues is to bestow upon Link a Heart Container, thereby increasing his maximum Hearts and resilience, or a Stamina Vessel that augments his Stamina, facilitating more actions that consume this resource. Each Heart Container imparts an additional Heart, while each Stamina Vessel contributes a 1/5 segment to the Stamina Wheel.

To accrue these enhancements, Link must trade in 4 Lights of Blessing at any Goddess Statue. Completion of each Shrine of Light bequeaths a Light of Blessing, with a grand total of 152 Shrines dispersed across the game. When interacting with a statue, Link has the prerogative to select his preferred upgrade, barring the initial encounter at the Temple of Time near the game’s inception where a Heart Container is mandated.

While Goddess Statues are the primary repositories for Heart Containers, various Quests and Boss Encounters also dispense them upon successful completion.

Please refer to the Shrines page for a comprehensive list of all Shrines of Light, as well as guides to aid you in their completion. Similarly, you can find a list of all Goddess Statues and their locations on the Goddess Statues page.

The Horned Statue & Respeccing

Fans of Breath of the Wild will rejoice as the Horned Statue makes its comeback, presenting Link with an opportunity to respec his principal stats. Concealed within a secret passage in the Emergency Shelter—an underground bunker beneath Lookout Landing—this eerie statue awaits discovery. To gain entrance, progress through the Main Quests up to Regional Phenomena, a multi-phase quest entrusted to you by Purah. Upon completing at least one part of this quest, which includes one of the associated Temples, return to the Emergency Shelter and engage in a conversation with Jerrin to commence the ‘Who Goes There?’ quest. Now opened, the small crawlspace in front of her leads to a cluster of obstructing rocks. Eliminate the first and subsequent set of rocks to your right, revealing a cell where the Horned Statue lies in wait.

Utilizing the Horned Statue in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Mirroring its function in Breath of the Wild, the Horned Statue in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom allows Link to relinquish one of his essences – either a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel. Each surrendered essence earns him 100 Rupees. Subsequently, Link has the choice to continue surrendering essences or select the “I want one back” option. This feature lets him opt between a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel, essentially enabling a trade-off between Hearts and Stamina. However, retrieving an essence requires a payment of 120 Rupees to the statue, which effectively translates to a respec cost of 20 Rupees per stat.

The Heart Count: What’s the Maximum in Tears of the Kingdom?

Starting off with a mere three Hearts, Link has the potential to reach an impressive total of 30 Hearts. Considering that each Heart Container contributes one heart, achieving this maximum health capacity necessitates a total of 27 Heart Containers, inclusive of the obligatory one obtained during the initial Goddess Statue encounter at the Temple of Time.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom boasts 152 Shrines of Light—120 on the Surface and 32 in the Sky Islands. This offers a total of 38 Goddess Statue Upgrades, with the freedom to distribute these between Heart Containers and Stamina Vessels.

Weighing the Options: Heart Containers vs. Stamina Vessels in Tears of the Kingdom

While Heart Containers serve to expand Link’s health gauge, thereby seemingly essential, the importance of Stamina Vessels and the Stamina they enhance cannot be understated. In both exploration and combat, Stamina powers a wide range of Link’s actions, with higher Stamina levels enabling more effective damage evasion. A focus on Stamina might even hasten the acquisition of the Master Sword. A departure from Breath of the Wild, where securing Link’s iconic weapon was tied to his Hearts, Tears of the Kingdom introduces a mini-game that depends on Stamina instead.

The challenges in Tears of the Kingdom vary, and the decision of which stat to prioritize ultimately rests on the player. Given the considerable number of Shrines and the corresponding Lights of Blessing to gather, it is plausible to maximize both stats. Moreover, a wealth of food items can offer temporary boosts to both Hearts and Stamina. However, bear in mind that Stamina-enhancing food items or their ingredients might be less abundant than those that boost Health.

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