Ultimate Horses Guide for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In the vast expanse of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, horses are far more than mere transportation for Link’s intrepid escapades. As the primary vehicle of exploration, horses empower players to traverse the map swiftly without depleting Link’s Stamina. A diverse range of horses can be tamed, registered at stables, customised, and used to accumulate Pony Points for extra rewards, making them integral companions in this epic adventure.

Saving Your Breath of The Wild Equine Companions

Drawing from your breath of the wild saved game, horses make a valuable return, providing mobility and company in the tears of the kingdom journey. Visit any stable to access your previously registered mounts from breath of the wild, including remarkable steeds like the white horse and the giant horse.

Understanding Your Horse’s Performance in Totk

A horse’s prowess in Tears of the Kingdom is evaluated based on Strength, Speed, Stamina, Pull, and Temperament. Registration at a Stable unveils these stats, with Pull – an addition to the original Breath of the Wild metrics – assessing your horse’s ability to haul heavy loads like building materials or wagons. More elusive wild horses generally boast superior stats. For maximum benefits from your equine ally, consider these pointers:

  • Temporarily boost your Horse’s Stamina
  • Seek out the Horse God for upgrades
  • Discover unique horses via quests like The Horse Guard’s Request & Zelda’s Golden Horse

Fostering a Bond with Your Horse

Cultivating a strong bond with your horse is rewarding and instrumental for a thriving alliance. To nurture this relationship and enhance your horse’s obedience, here are a few strategies:

  • Regularly pet your horse using the L-Button to build trust and deepen your connection
  • If your horse strays off track, remain calm and employ the L-Button for a gentle reorientation, promoting obedience and responsiveness
  • Stables offer various upgrades such as saddles and harnesses in exchange for Pony Points, which you can earn by conversing with stable receptionists or paying Rupees for overnight stays.

Locating Horses in Zelda Totk

According to the Hyrule Compendium, horses in Tears of the Kingdom are abundant in plains and fields, notably Hyrule Field and Akkala Highlands. To find these equine companions, head to the Passeri Greenbelt in Hyrule Field, Central Hyrule.

Starting at Lookout Landing – the first town on the surface-level map – proceed through the south gate. Journey southward through the enchanting landscapes of Central Hyrule until you encounter the Passeri Greenbelt, just south of Lookout Landing. Here, amidst the stunning fields, awaits your desired horse.

Mastering Horse Taming in Tears of The Kingdom

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players can quietly approach horses from the rear, remaining crouched to evade detection. Upon reaching the horse, pressing the A button allows you to mount it. Use the L button repeatedly to soothe the horse and gain its trust. Once tamed, you can make the horse available on call by registering it at a stable.

Personalizing Your Horse in Totk

Horse customization is a feature in Tears of the Kingdom that permits players to deck out their equine companions with Bridles, Saddles, and Towing Harnesses for convenient transportation of goods. To initiate customization, converse with a Stable keeper at the window and opt for ‘Customize Horse.’

Navigating Stables in Tears of The Kingdom

Stables in Tears of the Kingdom maintain a similar function to their Breath of the Wild counterparts, with the addition of the Pony Point Feature. The Stable owner operates three windows – front for horse services, back for accommodation requests, and side for Pony Point redemptions. At stables, you can:

  • Register Horse
  • Take Horse
  • Board Horse
  • Customize Horse

Each stable can house up to 6 horses, extendable through Pony Points. This is also where you can examine your horse’s stats and your bond strength.

Horse Registration Process in Zelda Totk

After taming a horse in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it’s time to register your equine partner at a stable:

  • Find a Stable: Look for the horse icon on your map to locate a stable.
  • Speak to the Receptionist: On arrival, seek the receptionist, either on foot or by pressing ZR+A while mounted.
  • Register Your Horse: Choose “Register Horse” when conversing with the receptionist. Post-registration, you can call your horse from any stable across the game world.

Stables Across Tears of The Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom features revamped stables, some of which have been converted into different establishments. There are 15 stable locations scattered across the map, each marked with a once discovered.

Earning Pony Points in Tears of The Kingdom

Stables in Tears of the Kingdom introduce Pony Points, earned through using stable services. You’ll receive a Pony Points Card during your first encounter with a stable, found in your Key Items inventory. These collective points can be earned by discovering and interacting with new stables and redeemed for horse-related rewards.

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