One-Handed Weapons in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there exists a class of weaponry that one can wield with a single hand. These singularly gripped armaments offer a balanced blend of attack speed and damage output. Not only that, but they also provide the possibility of charged attacks at the expense of stamina. Once the accumulated power is unleashed, the user performs a swift, spinning assault, often paired harmoniously with shields.

This class of weaponry is further bifurcated into Boomerangs and Rods. Boomerangs, once hurled, follow a predetermined path before returning to the wielder, inflicting additional harm upon their targets. Rods, on the other hand, aren’t as potent in melee encounters but excel in medium to long-range combat scenarios. Upon initiating an attack or throw, an elemental impact ensues along a direct path. When a rod’s attack is charged, it produces an elemental explosion in lieu of a spin. This article is dedicated to shedding light on all the one-handed weapons that Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has to offer.

The Plethora of Armaments in Tears of The Kingdom

The rich arsenal of Zelda encapsulates a wide variety of equipment classes. From the fundamental offerings of Bats, Hammers, Clubs, Rods, Spears, Axes, to the classic one-handed and two-handed swords, the range is impressive. The weapons have been further categorized into One-Handed Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons, Spears, and Bows and Arrows for better differentiation.

What makes combat in Zelda unique is the ability to use virtually anything as a weapon. Mundane objects like sticks, stones, leaves, or even the remains of a monster can serve as improvised weaponry for melee attacks, rolling, throwing, or for fusion with an existing weapon. The introduction of the Fuse ability in Tears of the Kingdom has widened the possibilities, transforming the most unsuspecting objects into potent weaponry. This fresh dynamic motivates players to experiment and adopt innovative combat tactics. In addition to these, elemental weapons and boomerangs also form part of the diverse inventory. Depending on the nature of the item, certain objects can be more suitable as tools for specific materials.

Supplementary Equipment

To maximize your battle prowess, it’s crucial to have the right ensemble of equipment. Players have the liberty to mix and match Armor pieces, either as a whole set or as individual pieces, along with Bows and Arrows, Shields, and various accessories. These supplementary pieces come in distinct levels, influencing Link’s attack potency, defense capabilities, or elemental resistances. For additional information, refer to:

  • Armor
  • Shields
  • Bows and Arrows

Complete List of Single-Handed Weapons in Zelda Totk

Master Sword:

The revered blade capable of repelling darkness, purified by its encounter with the Light Dragon. This blade radiates a sacred glow, acting as the perfect foil to the Demon King.

Tree Branch:

A commonplace item with a surprising balance. While its damage is minimal, it could prove to be a lifesaver in dire situations.


Once lit, this torch maintains its flame unless stored away. To reignite its flame, it must be manually lit.

Soup Ladle:

A tool commonly found in kitchens, known for dishing out hearty soups. Carved from sturdy tree wood, it packs a surprisingly heavy hit.


This worn, wooden boomerang retains its functionality despite its state. A handy tool that returns to the wielder post throw.


A projectile weapon of choice for the Koroks who inhabit the forest. The unique design ensures it comes back once thrown.

Sea-Breeze Boomerang:

Legend speaks of this boomerang wielded by a hero who sailed the Great Sea. It carries a subtle scent of the salty sea.

Traveler’s Sword:

A common blade widely used by wanderers. Though eroded with time, it still fulfills its duty.

Traveler’s Sword+:

A ubiquitous blade usually carried by voyagers to keep minor creatures at bay. Its durability is commendable, though it may falter against monsters.

Soldier’s Broadsword:

A light, slender metallic blade, once the primary weapon of Hyrule Castle’s guards. Its lightweight construction facilitates swift handling and faster charged attacks.

Soldier’s Broadsword+:

Wielded by the soldiers who were once sworn to protect Hyrule Castle. The blade is engineered for monster slaying and allows for quicker charged assaults.

Knight’s Broadsword:

This weapon was once the pride of Hyrule’s knights. Even in its dilapidated state, it demonstrates formidable power when wielded by a desperate warrior on their last heart.

Knight’s Broadsword+:

Formerly borne by the knights of Hyrule Castle. Its strength is unleashed when the warrior is down to their last heart.

Royal Broadsword: An offering by the royal family to skilled knights. Expertly crafted for sword maestros, it enhances the power of flurry rushes during a perfect dodge.

Royal Broadsword+:

Awarded by the Hyrulean royalty to knights who performed noteworthy deeds. It enhances the power of flurry rushes during a perfect dodge.

Forest Dweller’s Sword:

A living Korok sword fashioned from wood, exhibiting a decaying blade. The materials bursting from its tip can be repeatedly utilized.

Forest Dweller’s Sword+:

A wooden weapon forged by Koroks for Hylians. It may not excel in direct combat, but the materials bursting from its tip can be reused incessantly.

Zora Sword:

A long, metallic Zora sword featuring a decaying blade. Its attack potency increases when it becomes wet.

Zora Sword+:

A unique, thin-bladed sword of Zora make. It gains high attack power when wet, much like a Zora in water.

Feathered Edge:

A Rito double-edged sword bearing a decaying blade. A swing of this sword generates a potent gust of wind.

Feathered Edge+:

Rito artisans created this light, double-edged weapon to provide aerial maneuverability to Rito warriors. It generates a strong gust upon swinging.

Gerudo Scimitar:

A deteriorating scimitar originating from the Gerudo region, optimized for force maximization. Adding a material significantly amplifies its power, though not its durability.

Gerudo Scimitar+:

The most prevalent sword within the Gerudo region. Attaching a material considerably boosts the material’s potency but offers minimal enhancement to durability.

Scimitar of the Seven:

The renowned blade once favored by the Gerudo Champion Urbosa. It’s said that Urbosa’s battle movements with this sword resembled an elegant dance.

Eightfold Blade:

An emblematic single-edged sword of the Sheikah tribe. Despite its diminutive and now-decayed blade, it excels in stealth operations, enhancing sneakstrike potency beyond ordinary blades.

Eightfold Blade+:

This single-edged blade is a classic in the Sheikah tribe. Touted as one of the sharpest traditional weapons in existence, it produces powerful sneakstrikes.

Rusty Broadsword:

A once formidable sword, now showing signs of age. It can still deal damage in skilled hands but is prone to breaking quickly.

Sword of the Hero:

This sword, once brandished by an ancient hero, evokes a profound sense of nostalgia upon touch. Take it along when venturing alone into dangerous territories.

Royal Guard’s Sword:

An archetypal knight’s blade. Although the metal’s durability is questionable, the sword unleashes tremendous destructive power just before shattering.

Royal Guard’s Sword+:

Crafted by the Sheikah, using ancient technology. Despite its low durability, it manifests immense destructive force just prior to breaking.

White Sword of the Sky:

Allegedly once owned by a celestial hero, this sword with its pristine white blade is noteworthy. When wielded, a peculiar yet heavenly breeze arises.

Wooden Stick:

A tree branch equipped with a grip for excellent balance. Equip it for use as a weapon.

Sturdy Wooden Stick:

This stick, made from a hardy tree branch, is robust due to ample sunlight absorption. Its durability surpasses that of a regular stick.

Gnarled Wooden Stick:

An easy-to-swing stick, crafted by perfecting the thickness and length of a dried branch. Its attack power significantly exceeds that of a regular stick.

Lizal Boomerang:

A curved sword cherished by the Lizalfos. Its metal composition allows safe use near fire. Upon throwing, it returns to the wielder.

Zonaite Sword:

This Zonai sword, crafted from zonaite, enhances its attack power through resonance with attached Zonai devices.

Strong Zonaite Sword:

A sturdy Zonai sword, fashioned from zonaite. It mildly augments its attack power by resonating with attached Zonai devices.

Mighty Zonaite Sword:

A formidable Zonai sword, constructed from zonaite. It greatly amplifies its attack power through resonance with attached Zonai devices.

Magic Rod:

This small but immensely potent magic rod was supposedly used by an ancient wizard who unlocked the maximum latent power in gems.

Bokoblin Arm:

An eerie skeletal arm that retains mobility even after severance from its body. It may be unsettling to strap to your back, but it’s useful in a pinch. Given its age and fragility, it breaks easily.

Lizalfos Arm:

A Stalizalfos arm that stubbornly struggles even post-mortem. Despite its brittleness, it can be wielded as a weapon. It even wriggles when strapped to your back…

Gloom Sword:

This slender sword emanates a sinister aura. Allegedly, it claims the life of anyone it touches, and its gloom gradually saps the vitality of its bearer.

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