Spears in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In the vibrant world of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, spears have the distinct advantage of having a reach surpassing all other melee weaponry. These long-ranged tools are swift, although their damage yield is on the lower end. They can unleash a sequence of five thrusts, the final one packing the most power, capable of shattering an enemy’s defense or throwing them off balance. However, one must be mindful that utilizing this weapon does demand both hands, making the concurrent use of a shield impossible. This section offers an exhaustive list of Spears within Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Fusion Feature for Spears in TOTK

Tears of the Kingdom brings with it the novel Fusion ability, which broadens the weapon capabilities and diversification within the game. Fusing spears with objects boosts their durability and elevates the inflicted damage by integrating heavy or sharp objects. The fusion function notably benefits spear users as attaching lengthy objects to existing spears can extend their range even further.

Armament Variety in Tears of the Kingdom

The Zelda series provides an extensive array of weaponry. Basic armaments that players can acquire comprise of Bats, Hammers, Clubs, Rods, Spears, Axes, and one-handed or two-handed swords. These are categorized into One-Handed Weapons, Two-Handed Weapons, Spears, and Bows and Arrows. Interestingly, players can also wield any picked up object in battle. From sticks, stones, leaves, to monster parts, all can be utilized for melee attacks, rolling, and throwing, or even Fused with an existing weapon.

In Tears of the Kingdom, the potential for weaponry expands dramatically due to the new Fusion feature. This encourages players to employ innovative tactics and pick up all objects for testing their impacts. The arsenal also includes elemental weapons and boomerangs. Depending on the nature of the object, some are more suited to interact with specific materials than others.

Spears Catalogue in Zelda: TOTK

Wooden Mop

Easily mistaken for a mundane cleaning tool, this mop is actually a product of skilled craftsmanship and has potential in combat.

Farmer’s Pitchfork

This light and efficient hay-gathering tool possesses sharp prongs that can be wielded by anyone.

Fishing Harpoon

A formidable tool for catching large fish, the sharpness of its spearhead also makes it a valuable weapon.

Throwing Spear

This throw-centric spear, despite its decayed tip, has a well-balanced design for long-range throws.

Throwing Spear +

A specialized spear designed for throwing, its perfect balance allows it to cover great distances, piercing targets from afar.

Traveler’s Spear

An ordinary spear for protection, carried by travelers. Although decayed, its design makes it easy to handle for anyone.

Traveler’s Spear +

Primarily used by travelers for protection against wolves and other beasts, this spear is straightforward and easy to use.

Soldier’s Spear

Once a part of the royal soldiers’ arsenal, this lightweight metal spear is now decayed but still allows quick charged attacks due to its easy handling.

Soldier’s Spear +

A spear of significant length that was once used by the Hyrule Castle guards. Its easy handling is balanced by a demanding mastery, enabling quick charged attacks.

Knight’s Halberd

Previously used by Hyrule’s knights, this decayed halberd stands as a testament to their courage. It can deliver potent attacks, especially when you’re down to your last heart.

Knight’s Halberd +

This spear, modeled after an axe, was used by knights skilled in mounted combat. Its powerful attacks can be a game-changer

Royal Halberd

Once a coveted possession of the knights who protected critical zones in Hyrule Castle, this decayed spear allows the wielder to perform a powerful flurry rush after a perfect dodge.

Royal Halberd +

This spear was distributed to the knights guarding the throne room of Hyrule Castle. During a perfect dodge, it can unleash a formidable flurry rush.

Forest Dweller’s Spear

Despite its decayed tip, this Korok spear retains its vitality. The bursting materials on its spearhead can be used repeatedly.

Forest Dweller’s Spear +

Created by Koroks for Hylians, this spear boasts a shaft made of light yet durable wood. Its spearhead is adorned with bursting materials that can be used over and over again.

Zora Spear

This Zora spear, despite its decayed point, is made of a water-resistant metal. It provides high attack power when it becomes wet.

Zora Spear +

The Zora prefer this special metal spear for both fishing and home protection. It enhances attack power when wet.

Lightscale Trident

A symbol of supreme elegance, this spear was cherished by Zora Champion Mipha. While renowned for her healing prowess, Mipha’s spearmanship stood in a league of its own.

Feathered Spear

Used by Rito soldiers, this spear may have a decayed point but it supports quick mid-air attacks and generates strong winds.

Feathered Spear +

Reflecting Rito craftsmanship’s lightness, this spear enhances the maneuverability of Rito warriors in aerial combat and creates strong winds.

Gerudo Spear

Featuring a decayed blade, this Gerudo spear is designed to concentrate force at its tip. While the attachment of materials boosts the spear’s power, it doesn’t contribute much to its durability.

Gerudo Spear +

A favored weapon among Gerudo soldiers, this spear behaves similarly to its predecessor. Material attachment enhances power without adding much to durability.

Rusty Halberd

A polearm from a bygone era, likely wielded by knights. Its spearhead is badly corroded due to long exposure to the elements, leading to low durability.

Royal Guard’s Spear

A prototype spear used by knights, created from a unique, low-durability metal. It carries immense destructive power just before its breaking point.

Royal Guard’s Spear +

Constructed using ancient Sheikah technology, this spear might suffer from poor durability, but its embedded magic yields enormous destructive power right before it shatters.

Long Stick

Fashioned from a tree branch, this straight-shaped stick is a competent lunging weapon.

Sturdy Long Stick

A durable stick made from a tree branch, excellent for piercing attacks. Its high durability stems from being crafted from the hardest part of the tree.

Gnarled Long Stick

This stick, bumpy at one end from cut-off shoots, provides higher attack power than a standard stick.

Zonaite Spear

Crafted from zonaite, this Zonai spear interacts with attached Zonai devices to slightly increase its attack power.

Strong Zonaite Spear

A highly durable spear employed by the Zonai. Its interaction with attached Zonai devices moderately enhances its attack power.

Mighty Zonaite Spear

A robust Zonai spear made of zonaite. It resonates with attached Zonai devices to significantly amplify its attack power.

Magic Staff

An ancient magician who was said to awaken the latent power of gems once wielded this long rod imbued with a hint of magic.

Gloom Spear

This spear, with its foreboding aura, is known to instill fear. Its gloom allegedly extracts a portion of the wielder’s soul as it gradually erodes their body.

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