Two-Handed Weapons in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s dual-wield implements are mammoth in size and pack a powerful punch, despite their slow rate of attack. Their unique feature is the constant spinning possible while preparing an attack, culminating in a formidable ground smash once the charge is released – a move that consumes stamina. It’s worth noting that equipping a dual-wield implement means forgoing a shield, given the necessity of using both hands to manipulate these weapons. This article provides a comprehensive inventory of all dual-wield implements available in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

All Dual-Wield Instruments in Zelda Totk

Agricultural Hoe

A utilitarian tool commonly employed for field ploughing. Despite being built to endure the rigors of relentless field labor, its potential in combat remains an open question.

Boating Paddle

Primarily designed for propelling boats, this paddle is robust enough to withstand forceful currents. Its viability as a defensive tool in precarious situations cannot be dismissed.

Monstrous Boomerang

This oversized boomerang exhibits signs of wear and tear. Initially intended for hunting, its size makes manipulation a daunting task. However, with the right technique, it returns faithfully to the thrower.

Monstrous Boomerang Plus

This hefty boomerang demands the strength of both hands. Originally a hunting tool, it has been repurposed for combat. Its blades on the inside curves introduce an element of challenge to its usage.

Adventurer’s Claymore

This basic double-edged sword was once the favored weapon of budding adventurers. Despite its deterioration and resulting bluntness, it can still forcefully disarm adversaries of their shields.

Adventurer’s Claymore Plus

A standard dual-edged sword once favored by ambitious adventurers. Its significant weight is more than capable of prying shields away from enemy hands.

Infantry’s Claymore

Crafted from lightweight metal for the royal infantry, this weapon has seen better days. Its light weight ensures easier manipulation, leading to less stamina expenditure during charged attacks.

Infantry’s Claymore Plus

An enhanced version of the standard claymore, made lighter for effortless wielding. It is designed to consume less stamina during charged onslaughts.

Knight’s Claymore

This claymore was once a trusted companion of the Hyrule knights. Despite its decayed state, it carries the resolve to protect at any cost and can unleash powerful strikes when the user is on their last heart.

Knight’s Claymore Plus

Only the mightiest knights from Hyrule Castle were entrusted with this two-handed sword. When the user’s health is critically low, it can deal devastating damage.

Royal Claymore

Previously issued to the royal guard, this large sword, although decayed, is fine-tuned for skilled wielders and can deliver a potent rush during a perfect dodge.

Royal Claymore Plus

This double-edged sword was exclusively issued to the royal family’s immediate guard detail. Capable of delivering a strong strike, it also augments the power of a flurry rush during a perfect dodge.

Zora Longsword

A rusty Zora longsword that thrives in water-based combat due to its unusual metal, which enhances attack power when wet.

Zora Longsword Plus

This longsword, a product of Zora craftsmanship using special metal, is infrequently used due to the Zora’s preference for spears. It becomes particularly destructive when wet.

Pebble Pulverizer

A once-potent weapon that has seen better days. Despite its decay, it maintains its effectiveness at breaking rocks and incapacitating foes.

Gerudo Claymore

A double-edged Gerudo sword featuring a worn-out blade. The addition of material greatly intensifies the power output but does not contribute to its durability.

Gerudo Claymore Plus

Only the elite Gerudo swordswomen wield this double-edged sword. As with the regular version, the attachment of material significantly boosts the power without enhancing its durability.

Octuple Longblade

A lengthy blade that, due to its decayed edge, no longer slices as effectively. Yet, in the hands of an adept combatant, it can slice through the air, creating a vacuum.

Octuple Longblade Plus

This single-edge sword is a rarity in Hyrule, passed down through generations of the Sheikah tribe. Similar to its less-enhanced version, it can create a vacuum when deftly handled.

Twilight Claymore

A slender claymore, believed to be an ancient heirloom from the kingdom of Hyrule, radiates with a divine gleam.

Fierce Deity Blade

A curious greatsword reputedly wielded by a hero from a realm threatened by a falling moon. It slashes uncontrollably in combat as if influenced by a Fierce Deity.

Neglected Claymore

A double-edged sword that was not adequately maintained. While still functional as a weapon, its durability is abysmal. Don’t anticipate more than a few strikes before it gives way.

Regal Guard’s Claymore

This decayed claymore prototype was intended for the royal guard. Its metal composition, derived from an unusual refining method, holds considerable destructive potential before its inevitable breakdown.

Regal Guard’s Claymore Plus

Created by the Sheikah using the essence of ancient technology, this greatsword may lack in durability but compensates with formidable destructive power just before it breaks.

Hefty Branch

A branch hewn from a large tree. Despite its lack of sturdiness, its weighty end can successfully knock a shield aside.

Solid Hefty Branch

Hewn from a durable tree’s crooked limb, this branch boasts high durability despite its seemingly unimpressive appearance.

Rugged Hefty Branch

Sourced from a tree trunk and subsequently dried for increased hardness, this branch offers significant attack power for a wooden implement.

Zonaite Broadsword

A large sword employed by the Zonai, constructed from zonaite. It synchronizes with attached Zonai devices to marginally augment its attack power.

Potent Zonaite Broadsword

A robust, large sword used by the Zonai, made of zonaite. It resonates with attached Zonai devices to moderately enhance its attack power.

Mighty Zonaite Broadsword

A formidable, large sword wielded by the Zonai and composed of zonaite. It harmonizes with attached Zonai devices to significantly bolster its attack power.

Mystical Staff

An enigmatic magic rod, long and stately. It was reputedly wielded by an ancient sorcerer who awakened the dormant power of gems.

Moblin Appendage

An eerie Moblin bone that continues to animate even after being detached from its owner. The bone is sturdy enough to function as a weapon, but its brittleness makes it prone to breaking.

Despair Club

A metal rod symbolizing doom and brimming with madness. Its potent strike can shatter objects into fragments, but its gloominess gradually takes a toll on the user’s health.

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