Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Korok Seeds Guide

Embarking on the adventure in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll come across Korok Seeds. These seeds are concealed gifts from Koroks and are tradable with Hestu to receive an inventory enlargement. This valuable upgrade facilitates more equipment storage, accommodating your Bows and Arrows, Weapons, or Shields. Native to the Korok Forest, Koroks are the diminutive forest offspring, sprinkled throughout the game’s vast geography. Their hideouts are often cryptic and demand a small endeavor to be unveiled. Uncover a Korok, secure a Korok Seed, and your map marks the freshly discovered site with a korok zelda totk wiki guide.

The Pursuit of Korok Seeds in Tears of The Kingdom

In the quest to secure a Korok Seed, a hidden Korok must be found. They permeate every corner of the game. A Korok’s vicinity is marked by a jingling sound, an auditory clue to its presence. An assignment or a challenge is then posed to the player. This might be as straightforward as incinerating a leaf heap, hoisting a stone, or hitting a target. Some challenges may involve a dash of puzzle-solving. Over time, players might recognize recurring Korok trials or puzzles in divergent locations.

Strategies to Unearth the Concealed Koroks:

Keep your ears open for their distinct Jingle. The presence of Koroks is signaled by a rustling noise in the area. Stay alert while traversing through each region and location. Examine peculiar and interactive spots. If an area seems suspicious, it could be hiding a Korok. Investigate strange rock arrangements, unusual mountain-top stones, or out-of-place hurdles. Be vigilant for the Korok Leaf emblem, the Yellow Flower, or the Pinwheel. These symbols flag the proximity of a Korok. (Unverified) Procuring the Korok Mask could be a beneficial strategy. While the inclusion of this item in Tears of the Kingdom is uncertain, it served a valuable function in Breath of the Wild, obtainable through the Master Trials DLC. This Helm item, when worn, would vibrate to signal any nearby Koroks.

Korok Challenges Categorized

BACKPACK KOROK A fresh puzzle addition in Tears of the Kingdom, this challenge asks players to unite a Korok carrying a hefty backpack with his companion. This usually necessitates the construction of a transport medium.

DANDELION KOROK On approaching a dandelion, it will float upward. Predict its descent and standby at the landing area. An instant examination prompt appears, which can be retried if missed.

YELLOW FLOWER TRAIL Spotting a Pinwheel flower hints at a nearby Korok. Approach the flower, causing it to vanish into a leaf cloud, and then relocate. The new location is visible from the initial site. Pursue the flower trail to eventually encounter a Korok and gain a Korok Seed.

Glimmering Path

Observe a peculiar sparkling light that retreats as you draw closer, and you’ve stumbled upon another Korok. You’ll need to match its pace or intercept its trajectory, allowing you to interact by examining it. Hastily press ‘A’ to examine, and a Korok will materialize. A stationary variant of this sparkling area exists as well, which can be interacted with upon approach.

Crater and Boulder Puzzle

Identify a crater, sized perfectly for a boulder, and you could be on the verge of uncovering a Korok. Scour the vicinity for any boulders, and strategize to roll it into the crater. Your efforts will summon a Korok, who will then reward you with a seed.

Yellow Flower Ensemble

These blossoms bear resemblance to the pinwheel trials but cluster in groups. You’ll find one solitary flower, a pair, a trio, and so on. Approach them to induce a color change. Start with the loner, then progress to the pair, and continue sequentially until all flowers have transformed.

Stone Pattern Formation

You may discover a sequence of stones configured in square, circular, or triangular shapes. A stone might be missing from the pattern. Nearby, you’ll find a rock. Your task is to transport this rock and complete the pattern.

Ring of Stones

Encountering a complete stone circle doesn’t end your task. Locate an additional stone in the vicinity and toss it into the center of the stone ring.

Target Shooting

Look out for bullseye targets dispersed across a small area. They could appear as flat surfaces or floating balloons. Eliminate them all using your bow and arrow to unmask a korok.

Yellow Pinwheel Puzzle

Whenever you spot a yellow pinwheel, expect to see floating acorns in the vicinity. Clear them by shooting them, revealing the hidden Korok.

Korok Leaf Stump

Occasionally, you’ll find a stump bearing a leaf symbol – a clear Korok sign. Stepping on the stump will reveal a ring. Reaching this ring within the given time limit will reveal a Korok. This might necessitate the use of the glider.

Stone Lifting

Some Koroks choose stones as their refuge. Lifting such a rock could reveal a hidden Korok.

Cubic Constructions

For this challenge, you might discover twin cube patterns, almost mirroring each other except for a missing piece in one. Locate the absent cube and position it to make the structures identical.

Ignite the Leaves

Certain leaf piles appear misplaced. Incinerate them using fire or explosive power or weaponry. The hidden Korok, if present, will emerge.

Extra Pointers for Korok Seeds

These are some noteworthy points related to Korok Seeds in Tears of the Kingdom: Korok Seeds are said to possess a unique, faint odor due to their fecal origin. Hestu’s Maracas are rumored to contain Korok Seeds. In Breath of the Wild, gathering all 900 Korok seeds grants you Hestu’s Gift, which is essentially a dung heap. Despite its offensive smell, it is a token of friendship.

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