Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Lightroots Guide

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Lightroots are colossal tree roots that traverse the Hyrule surface down to the Depths. The Depths are typically shrouded in darkness, untouched by sunlight. Yet, Lightroots manage to bring light to these areas once triggered, easing navigation through the vast subterranean sections. Lightroots not only uncover parts of the Depths’ map but also help push back the effects of the Gloom. There are 120 Lightroots scattered throughout the game, and this guide will delve into their locations extensively.

For additional information on surface and sky region structures with similar functionalities, refer to the Shrines and Towers page. For a comprehensive detailing of every location, collectible, and significant encounters, see the Interactive Map.

The Lightroots & Exploring the Depths in Zelda: Totk

The Depths, a sprawling underground network under Hyrule, comprises of caverns, chasms, and mines. Initially, traversing this labyrinth can be arduous due to the lack of light. However, the Lightroots strewn across this subterranean map serve as a beacon, directing light from the Surface to the Depths and enhancing Link’s visibility.

Locating Lightroots Within the Depths

The faint orange luminescence emitted by the cores of Lightroots makes them easy to spot.

Various items and effects can further help Link illuminate the path to a Lightroot, thereby simplifying the navigation process and overall exploration of the Depths. Illuminating effects can be obtained by utilizing Torches, scattering Brightbloom Seeds into the environment, or shooting them off arrows. Additionally, food or potions cooked with Brightcap as an ingredient can offer illumination upon consumption, along with many other possibilities.

Lightroots Activation

To activate a Lightroot, all Link needs to do is stand beneath the core and interact with it. This action triggers the core and roots to glow, casting light in the nearby surroundings.

Lightroot activation also uncovers a section of the Depths’ map, making their discovery and activation crucial to uncovering the Depths.

Lightroots & Light Shrines Connection

Lightroots share a connection with the Light Shrines found on Hyrule’s surface. The names and locations of each Lightroot mirror those of the Shrines. The only difference being the reverse arrangement of letters in their names. For instance, the Iayusus Lightroot corresponds to the Susuyai Shrine on the surface, sharing identical coordinates. This link between Lightroots and Shrines can aid players in finding Lightroots by cross-referencing the Shrines they have previously discovered, and vice versa.

Just as with the Shrines of Light and Skyview Towers, Lightroots serve as Fast Travel Points upon activation, facilitating swift transportation to previously explored areas within the Depths.

There are 120 Lightroots waiting to be discovered within the Depths, each corresponding to one of the 120 Shrines located on the Surface. While there are an additional 32 Shrines in the Sky Islands, none of them correlate to any Lightroots within the Depths.

Rewards for Finding and Activating All Lightroots

Upon finding all 120 Lightroots in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players receive the Dispelling Darkness Medal. This trophy item doesn’t hold any particular purpose apart from symbolizing completion and commemoration.

The real reward, however, is the illumination of the entire Depths map, significantly easing navigation in the underground region.

The Gloom Menace

The Depths are inundated with the Gloom, a dangerous red liquid that poses threats to living creatures, including Link. Prolonged exposure to Gloom slowly locks away Link’s Hearts, reducing his effective health pool until the condition is remedied. Link can counter this by taming skeletal Stalhorses, which roam the Depths, to traverse Gloom pools safely. Creatures residing within the Depths are Gloomtouched and can inflict Gloom Damage on Link, mirroring the effects of environmental Gloom pools.

It is worth noting that temporary Yellow Hearts obtained from consuming specific dishes will instantly deplete upon receiving Gloom Damage.

Eradicating the Gloom

Link has several methods to cleanse himself from the Gloom effect and restore his locked Hearts. The simplest way is to stand under an activated Lightroot momentarily.

An alternative method involves cooking and consuming food with Sundelion as an ingredient. Such meals usually bear the “Sunny” prefix, for instance, the Sunny Mushroom Skewer. Sundelion thrives at high altitudes under the sun and is commonly found around Hyrule’s Sky Islands. It can be cooked alone or combined with other ingredients for a stronger healing effect. Always ensure to carry plenty when venturing into the Depths!

Lightroot Locations in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

Explore by Region:


  • Akkala Highlands Depths
  • Akkala Sea Depths
  • Deep Akkala Depths

Central Hyrule

  • Central Hyrule Depths
  • Great Hyrule Forest Depths
  • Hyrule Ridge Depths
  • Lake Hylia Depths


  • Death Mountain Depths
  • Eldin Canyon Depths
  • Eldin Mountain Depths


  • Faron Grasslands Depths


  • Gerudo Desert Depths
  • Gerudo Highlands Depths


  • Hebra Mountains Depths
  • Tabantha Frontier Depths


  • Lanayru Great Spring Depths
  • Lanayru Wetlands Depths
  • Mount Lanayru Depths


  • East Necluda Depths
  • Necluda Sea Depths
  • West Necluda Depths

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