Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Stamina Vessels Guide

The Stamina Vessels, found within the acclaimed game, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, serve as enduring enhancements to Link’s Stamina parameter. Drawing parallels to its previous installment, Breath of the Wild, these Stamina Vessels are garnered from Goddess Statues by trading in the coveted Lights of Blessing. These vital items are your reward on conquering each Shrine of Light. The real charm of the Stamina Vessels lies in their ability to enrich Link’s Stamina Wheels, facilitating him to execute more actions that deplete this resource, before necessitating a brief interlude. Interestingly, the acquisition of Stamina Vessels and Heart Containers share a common route, thereby granting players the liberty to pick the upgrades they desire for Link.

Gaining Stamina Vessels in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Stamina Vessels are intrinsically intertwined with the Goddess Statues, which are iconic fixtures in every significant settlement and various other places in the mythical world of Hyrule. The fundamental purpose of these Goddess Statues is to bestow upon Link a Heart Container, augmenting his total Hearts count and enabling him to sustain more damage before succumbing, or alternatively, a Stamina Vessel, amplifying his overall Stamina and empowering him to carry out more actions that tap into this resource. Each Heart Container contributes one Heart, and each Stamina Vessel adds a 1/5 segment to a Stamina Wheel.

These invaluable upgrades can be claimed by surrendering 4 Lights of Blessing at any Goddess Statue. A Light of Blessing is the fruit of victory on completing each Shrine of Light, adding up to a grand total of 152. Link is given the prerogative to choose the upgrade he covets when interacting with a statue. The only exception to this liberty is the initial interaction at the Temple of Time in the game’s outset, where Link is compelled to opt for a Heart Container.

For a detailed enumeration of all Shrines of Light and comprehensive guides on conquering them, refer to the Shrines page. You can find a complete list of all Goddess Statues and their locations on the Goddess Statues page.

The Horned Statue & Respecing 

Returning from Breath of the Wild is the enigmatic Horned Statue, presenting Link with the opportunity to refashion his core stats. This fiendish statue is securely tucked away in a concealed path in the Emergency Shelter, a subterranean haven beneath Lookout Landing. To unlock access, one must advance through the Main Quests till they encounter Regional Phenomena, a quest divided into several parts, assigned by Purah. Completion of at least one segment of this quest, including one of the associated Temples, followed by a return to the Emergency Shelter to converse with Jerrin, activates the Who Goes There? quest. A small entrance before her should now be accessible, guiding you to a heap of obstructing rocks. Obliterate the first collection of rocks in sight, followed by the ones on your right, and you will find yourself facing a cell, within which awaits the Horned Statue.

The Horned Statue – A Trading Mechanism

Retaining its functionality from Breath of the Wild, the Horned Statue in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom allows Link to sacrifice his essences, in the form of either a Heart Container or Stamina Vessel. Each surrendered essence fetches him a bounty of 100 Rupees. This sets the stage for Link to either continue this sacrificial process or select the “I want one back” alternative. The latter enables him to choose between reclaiming a Heart Container or a Stamina Vessel, effectively allowing him to swap Hearts for Stamina, and vice versa. Be aware, however, that reclaiming an essence will cost you 120 Rupees, effectively pricing each stat at 20 Rupees to respec.

Stamina Capacity in Tears of the Kingdom

Link begins his adventure equipped with a single Stamina Wheel. However, his stamina potential can be elevated to a peak of three complete wheels. Given that each Stamina Vessel contributes 1/5 of a wheel, it necessitates a total of 10 Vessels to attain maximum Stamina.

With a grand total of 152 Shrines of Light, distributed between 120 on the Surface and 32 in the Sky Islands, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom provides players with the opportunity to earn 38 Goddess Statue Upgrades. These upgrades can be liberally distributed between Heart Containers and Stamina Vessels.

Why Stamina Vessels Are Indispensable in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

Drawing parallels with Breath of the Wild, a significant proportion of Link’s actions, spanning both exploration and combat maneuvers like sprinting, gliding, climbing, executing special attacks, or aiming the bow while airborne, result in stamina depletion. Effective stamina management, therefore, can spell the difference between survival and peril in varying circumstances.

Furthermore, Stamina plays a crucial role in acquiring the legendary Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom. This iconic weapon of Link’s is embedded in the forehead of the celestial Light Dragon, a denizen of Hyrule’s skies.

While Link has an array of methods to approach the Dragon, even in the early stages of the game, extracting the Master Sword initiates a mini-game that necessitates a minimum of 2 Full Stamina Wheels. It’s noteworthy that consuming food items that temporarily bolster stamina won’t serve this specific purpose.

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