Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Upgrades Guide

Delve into the world of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and find invaluable information regarding Armor and Weapon upgrades. For those new to the game, enhancing Armor is as simple as locating one of the Great Fairies in the Kingdom. Currently, four such fairies are known to exist. Seeking their help will result in upgraded Armor that bolsters your defense in the challenging battles of Zelda: TotK. Furthermore, restoring the durability of Weapons & Shields involves finding a creature known as the Rock Octorok. In the following sections, we will discuss all the details about Upgrades in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Elevating Your Arsenal: Weapon Upgrades

In the adventurous realm of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the durability of weapons plays a significant role. With every monster you vanquish, a fraction of your weapon’s durability diminishes. Once depleted, the weapon becomes inoperative. Hence, it’s crucial to ensure that your Weapons and Shields are durable enough to withstand combat, or you have a variety of weapons to alternate. Luckily, Zelda: TotK has incorporated a fresh feature aiding all players in restoring their weapons and shields’ durability, thus prolonging the life of your favorite armaments.

The Art of Upgrading Weapons

Enhancing your weapons in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom entails locating a Rock Octorok. These creatures, dispersed throughout the Kingdom of Hyrule, can help Link by repairing weapons & shields, thereby extending their durability. These creatures might not be particularly friendly, yet they are not overly powerful. Dealing with them should be a breeze. Rock Octoroks are distinguishable by a lump of rock adorning their heads. They tend to burrow, which provides a natural camouflage in their surroundings, often causing them to go unnoticed. Following this section, we will guide you on locating Octoroks and how to Upgrade Weapons in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Unlocking the Mystery of Weapon Upgrades

Rock Octoroks, native to Zelda: BotW, return in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, now with an exciting new capability that players will surely appreciate. To leverage this novel feature, you need to approach the Octorok without being caught in its line of attack. The creature tends to be aggressive once it emerges from its burrow, throwing rocks around. Once you are in proximity, drop the weapon you wish to repair in front of it, then retreat to a safe spot where you can still observe the Octorok. Subsequently, the creature will suck in the dropped weapon, marking the initiation of the repair process.

After the Octorok ingests the weapon, a radiant glow and a burst of sparkles and clouds signify that the repair is finished. It will then hurl the weapon back towards you. After retrieving your weapon, check your inventory to discover your gleaming, fully restored weapon with a newly altered modifier.

Modifiers are entirely random and change with each Octorok encounter, so if you seek a specific modifier, persist in using the Octorok’s services until you acquire the desired one. Importantly, the new modifier will always be an upgrade, so your weapon will never downgrade. This principle also applies to other equipment you wish to upgrade.

A Guide to Armor Enhancements

Venturing into Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, armor upgrades are key to survival, requiring both the discovery of Great Fairies and the procurement of Rupees and upgrade materials. These mystical fairies possess the power to upgrade armor, but they require a serenade from a group of musicians to coax them out of their floral homes. Remarkably, the more Great Fairies you unlock, the more proficient they become at boosting your armor. Thus, to maximize your enhancement possibilities, it’s essential to unlock all four Great Fairies. Enhancing your armor augments its defensive rating and also offers additional benefits that can uplift Link’s stats. The following sections will guide you to each of the four fairy locations, help you undertake their side quests, and explain the workings of armor upgrades.

Demystifying Armor Upgrades in Zelda: TotK

After completing the Serenade to a Great Fairy (Tera), you can harness the Great Fairy Fountain’s power to upgrade your armor. Upon visiting a Great Fairy at her fountain, you will have to provide a rupee and the necessary upgrade material. In the menu, you will see all your armor pieces (helms, chest armor, and leg armor). Notice that certain armors appear highlighted, while others are greyed out, indicating the latter cannot be upgraded due to the lack of requisite materials/rupees or because the armor simply isn’t upgradeable. As the enhancement level rises, so does the upgrade fee. In the example provided, upgrading the Hyliad Hood will cost 10 Rupees and 5 Bokoblin horns. Once you’re prepared for the armor upgrade, click ‘Enhance Away,’ or opt for ‘No thanks’ to abort. After the upgrade, you can see how your armor’s base defense stat has been elevated.

The first image depicts the Hylian Tunic, which appears greyed out. Even though we have sufficient Rupees, the necessary materials for the upgrade are lacking. In such scenarios, the material list will appear in red text, and no enhancement option will be offered. Post your first interaction or upgrade with Tera, she will inform Link about the four Great Fairies in the Hyrule Kingdom and mark the other Great Fairy Fountains’ locations on your map.

Understanding Armor Upgrades in Zelda: TotK

Armor upgrades in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offer two distinct advantages:

  1. Enhancement of base defense stats
  2. Set Upgrades Bonuses

Whenever armor is enhanced, its defense stats receive a boost. For instance, upgrading the Hylian Hood will raise the armor defense from 3 to 5. If the same armor is upgraded to a ★★ 2 Star, the base defense rises to 8 at the cost of 50 Rupees, 5x Blue Bokoblin Horn, and 3x Bokoblin Fang.

The cost for armor upgrades ranges from ★ 1 Star at 10 Rupees up to ★★★★ 4 Star at 500 Rupees. The cost remains the same across all armor upgrades, but the material requirement varies per item, as exemplified by the Hylian Hood upgrade. As for set upgrades, some armor sets in Zelda provide a bonus when each piece is upgraded to ★★ 2 Star. To activate these set bonuses, make sure to unlock at least two Great Fairies. These bonuses can provide increased attack, enhanced resistance to elements, or speed increases. For a comprehensive list of all armor sets and their bonuses, please refer to the provided list.

Unlocking All Armor Upgrades 

In your journey through Zelda: TotK, you might wonder if it’s possible to upgrade all your armor to ★★★★ 4 Star once you’ve unlocked all four Great Fairies. Unfortunately, the answer is no. While unlocking all four Great Fairies maximizes your enhancement level, certain armor sets, like the Phantom Set, can’t be upgraded. Comprising an armor, greaves, and helmet, this set doesn’t permit any enhancements. However, wearing all three pieces bestows Link with a special Attack Up effect.

Despite the lack of upgrade possibilities, the Phantom Set is one of the best armor sets available in-game due to its effect and aesthetically appealing appearance. The armor pieces are dispersed throughout the game world, but their acquisition is worth the effort. And since there’s no need to upgrade this armor, you won’t be spending any rupees to enhance it.

So, if you notice some pieces appearing greyed out in the Upgrades Menu, don’t worry, your game isn’t bugged. Certain armor sets just don’t permit upgrades. Nevertheless, many players still seek out these sets for their special effects.

How to Farm Rupees for Armor Upgrades

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, rupees are the primary currency. They’re crucial for buying materials, upgrading armor, and acquiring essential resources. We recommend farming rupees by selling ores, hunting animals, selling cooked meat, and defeating Stone Talus, a formidable field boss. Here are some ways to accrue more rupees for your adventures:

Defeat Stone Talus to Get Ores for Rupees

Selling ores is one of the most profitable ways to earn rupees, and a great way to farm ores is by defeating Stone Talus, a massive pebblit type creature. This rare version of smaller creatures drops a substantial quantity of ores upon defeat. Stone Talus respawns every seven days or every time the Blood Moon appears, turning the surroundings a deep crimson. Farming this mini-boss can yield a substantial amount of rupees before you know it.

Mining Ore Deposits in Zelda: TotK

Apart from battling Stone Talus, you can also mine ores from deposits found throughout your travels. After completing the main quest ‘Yunobo of Goron City,’ you’ll acquire a skill that lets you break rocks, making ore farming more efficient. Each ore type sells for a different price, as shown in the table above.

Hunting Animals and Selling Cooked Meals

The Hyrule Kingdom is teeming with wildlife. Hunting these animals allows you to cook their meat and sell it to vendors. Animals are abundant and scattered throughout the kingdom, making them a reliable resource. Additionally, some Non-Player Characters (NPCs) may reward Link with free meals during side adventures. If you don’t need these meals, you can sell them. Depending on the dish, some cooked meals can fetch 30 rupees or more. This makes hunting and cooking a worthwhile endeavor to earn more rupees in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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