Zelda TOTK Crafting and Cooking Guide

Diving into the distinctive realms of crafting and cooking in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom provides you with intriguing insights about the game’s unique mechanics. Contrary to some expectations, the game doesn’t allow weapon or armor crafting. However, it presents vast culinary horizons, with opportunities to cook diverse food types and elixirs. You simply have to get hold of the item, toss it into a cooking pot and the cooking begins. Remember, you can hold a maximum of five items at a time. If you choose to hold more of the same item, the strength of the resulting crafted item increases proportionately. Cooking pots are scattered across the game’s landscape, but in Tears of the Kingdom, players are also equipped with single-use Portable Pots, allowing on-the-spot cooking. For a comprehensive list of available Food and Elixir recipes, refer to the evolving Recipes section below, which is updated as new recipes are discovered within the game.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Unveils Fresh Cooking Features

Recipe Cards and Cookbooks in Tears of the Kingdom

In an appreciable improvement from the previous versions, Tears of the Kingdom now offers a handy feature that logs every discovered recipe. These newly created recipes find a place in your Recipe Book, saving players from the hassles of memorizing them. The new Recipe Book eliminates the need to rely on memory for recipes, ingredients, and their effects.

Accessing the Recipe Book in TOTK

Your Recipe Book is conveniently accessible through the menu or from dishes you have already prepared. A foray into the food inventory opens up the drop-down option ‘Check Recipe’, revealing all your recipe cards.

Portable Cooking Pot Feature in TOTK

One of the recent additions to Tears of the Kingdom is the single-use Portable Pot, an obtainable Zonai Device that can be fetched from dispensers. This nifty device allows players to set up a cooking pot anywhere, ensuring convenience and flexibility. Please note, the device is single-use only, and the number of Portable Pots in your possession is displayed at the bottom left of the device.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s Crafting and Cooking Guidance

Discovering Recipes and Cookbooks in TOTK

In the immersive world of Tears of the Kingdom, recipes are not tangible items. Instead, they are absorbed through the act of cooking. Additionally, interacting with various NPCs, perusing notes, books, or scrutinizing posters on walls can reveal recipes or hints for creating specific dishes. It does require you to keep a mental note of these hints. In the preceding version, Breath of the Wild, dish recipes were often found on stable walls as posters. To achieve optimal results, it’s recommended to refer to your already discovered recipes. The game encourages trial and error, inspiring players to experiment with different dishes and ingredients without a set guide. For known recipes, refer to the updated recipe guide below.

Procuring Cooking Materials in TOTK

Cooking materials are typically foraged, hunted, or bought from assorted general stores dotted across the map. Easily accessible sources include a variety of vegetation or fruit plucked from the ground, bushes, trees, or procured from hunting wildlife like boars. Additionally, Link can gather fish from nearby water bodies once the action ‘take’ appears. All these materials can be combined to prepare delicious meals. For instructions on how to obtain specific materials, please refer to the Materials guide page.

Securing Elixir Materials in TOTK

Besides contributing to culinary delights, materials play a pivotal role in crafting Elixirs. These elixirs bestow temporary statistical enhancements or resistances, the duration of which depends on the specific Elixir concocted. Elixirs typically demand bugs or Monster Parts, which can be acquired through combat with enemies and monsters. Each monster defeated drops unique monster parts. Additional materials can be purchased from various merchants and vendors you encounter across the map.

Creating Elixirs and Food in TOTK

The method for making Elixirs mirrors that of food preparation. Locate a cooking pot nearby or employ a portable one. Ensure you have gathered the requisite materials and ingredients for your Elixir. Note that the quantity of materials used will influence the strength, effects, and duration of the resulting product. If the cooking pot isn’t lit, light it using a fire source or fire weapon. An option to cook will appear. Upon selecting this, your materials inventory will become available. Choose the materials to be added to your pot. Be careful not to accidentally eat the raw materials, as this option is usually the first one presented. You can hold a maximum of 5 materials at a time. Once you have your desired materials in hand, exit the menu, approach the pot, and select ‘cook’ to blend the materials into a dish or Elixir.

Alternative Cooking Methods

Apart from the traditional cooking pot, there are other inventive ways to prepare materials that can affect their bonus stats and consumption methods. For instance, on icy terrain, leaving out meat products and materials on the snow for a while will result in frozen products such as Frozen Bird Drumstick, Frozen Bird Thigh, Icy Gourmet Meat, and Icy Prime Meat. These usually offer temporary heat resistance. Conversely, in intensely hot biomes, you can sear or roast products by placing them on the hot ground. However, beware of overcooking as leaving items on the burning ground for too long may result in burnt food.

Dubious Items in TOTK

Echoing its predecessor, Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom encourages players to experiment with different materials sans a set recipe. This free experimentation can sometimes yield dubious outcomes. Although Link may find such Dubious Food repulsive, it still has the power to restore some of his hearts.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s Elixir and Food Stats and Bonuses

Elixir Bonus Stats in TOTK

Elixirs exhibit different effects, each determined by the ingredients used. It’s prudent to be familiar with your recipe to avoid wasting essential materials. The potency and effects of the Elixir are dictated by the type and quantity of materials used. As more information is released, this page will feature a list of crafting and cooking recipes available. Once crafted, the effects of each item are displayed on the item in your inventory, indicated by their respective status symbols at the top corners. The potential stats, bonuses, and resistances you can gain from creating various foods and elixirs are listed below.

Elixir Bonuses and Prefixes

  • Spicy – Grants Cold Resistance
  • Chilly – Offers Heat Resistance
  • Fireproof – Provides Flame Resistance
  • Electro – Bestows Shock Resistance
  • Hearty – Restores Health
  • Energizing – Replenishes Stamina
  • Mighty – Increases Attack
  • Hasty – Enhances Movement Speed
  • Sneaky – Increases Stealth
  • Tough – Amplifies Defense
  • Enduring – Provides Extra Stamina

Critical Success Bonuses

While crafting elixirs or food, there are chances for critical success. This is indicated by a distinctive sound, signifying that your product will carry a random bonus stat in addition to the recipe bonuses. Below are the extra bonuses your product could gain through critical success:

  • Extra yellow heart
  • Three additional hearts
  • Buff increase by an extra 5 minutes

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